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Volunteer Opportunities

There are currently no volunteer opportunities open for new applicants. Follow us on our different social media channels to stay up to date.

Volunteer Intake Policy

1. Statement on Equity
Bayombong Gonohe Sister City Association and its web affiliate, are invested in acquiring talented and skilled individuals that are qualified for the respective position/s that they are applying for regardless of their religious, racial, or economic background.

2. Privacy 
All applications will be processed and handled the same way. No candidate will be required to submit photos or other confidential personal information about themselves unless otherwise needed (i.e. for company ID’s etc.) All application documents whether accepted or rejected will be stored or disposed of in such manners prescribed by the local labour and employment laws. 
No personal information of any applicant will be given to any other third party without the given consent of the applicant.


3. Volunteer Hours and References
All volunteers for the association are entitled to receive employment or academic references from the administration provided that they, the requesting volunteers, meet the minimum volunteer hours necessary and are at good standing. 

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