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Privacy Policy

This page explains and summarises the privacy policies of We are committed to implementing guidelines that put our users' interests first. As such, the following are the main points of's privacy policy:

1. What type of information do we collect? collects basic personal and contact information from our members. These include, names, age and gender, and e-mail addresses. Our site also collects information through web surveys to track visitor traffic, satisfaction, and engagement. However, it is important to note that web surveys will not ask for respondents' name or contact information unless otherwise consented to by the respondent.


2. What type of information don't we collect? does not collect information pertaining to a members' or visitors' physical addresses; medical information is also not collected. Nor do we collect information of financial nature such as bank accounts, credit or debit card information, income and so on unless otherwise consented to by the member(s) in question. 


3. How do we share the information we collect? only uses the information we gathered for internal purposes. However, information gathered through our web surveys on certain occasions can be shared to third party partners for the purposes of planning or organising different programs or initiatives, or when creating reports. Personal information such as names and contact information will not under any circumstances be shared with other third party organisations unless the member has given prior consent or such information is warranted by an issuing court.

4. How can you access the information we collect? welcomes our members to contact our administrators to discuss accessing their information. Please visit our contact page for more details.

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