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Let's go! Initiative


Going above and beyond

Increasing Awareness


Social media exclusive posts dealing with bite-sized trivia tackling cultural similarities or differences between Filipinos and Japanese.

These are perfect for readers who are on the go or primarily consume contents on their phones.

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Profiles in Focus

goes in-depth into people and certain topics, respectively.


These posts are suited to more dedicated readers consuming content either on their mobile devices or desktop computers.


The most up to date news and updates delivered to members, donors, and stakeholders.

Newsletters allows us to connect with the community to a degree like never before. 

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Creating Meaningful Projects

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Activities that promote the sharing of cultural knowledge between Filipinos and Japanese.

Example activities: Pen Pal programs between youths, visual or performing art shows and exhibits, special tours on local cultural sights.


Activities that promote cross-border student and teacher interactions in the areas of language and research.

Example activities: Exchange student programs, JTE (Japanese Teachers of English) training programs, and research collaborations.

Technical & Economic

Activities that promote professional and business development between the two communities.

Example activities: Technical training programs for local administrators, trade shows featuring local goods such as crafts and wares, agricultural training programs for local farmers or agricultural scientists.

Sustainable Fundraising

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The Japan Foundation Manila provides grants and funding on different cultural and academic exchange projects.


CLAIR is a council formed by Japan’s local government units that manages and promotes the economic and technical relations between and among sister cities. 

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The Philippines-Japan Society is an NGO committed to fostering and promoting friendly relations between the Philippines and Japan.

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With Patreon, members or donors can pledge a monthly amount to the association. They can cancel whenever they want or continue for as long as they want.

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Paypal will allow easy funds transfer and donations from members or donors wherever they may be or whatever bank they might be using. It’s secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Transparency and Accountability

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The Bayombong Gonohe Sister City Association will report all relevant information to its donors, members and stakeholders via or the official newsletter in a timely manner.

All members and officers can create secure logins as well to the website to access stakeholder information as needed.

Website members and users will be governed by the association’s Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policies.

Communications to the Bayombong Gonohe Sister City Association shall be sent to the official email to:

For a PDF version of the Let's Go Initiative, please click here.

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