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Municipal Delegations

2018 Delegation and Memorial Dedication

February 2018

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COVID-19 Announcement

Due to the current COVID-19 precautions and restrictions, all events relating to official municipal delegations are currently cancelled or postponed. To get the latest news follow us at our different social media or subscribe to our mailing list.

Delegations before 2017

We are currently at work documenting and archiving delegations held before 2017. If you have any information or if you were participants in those delegations, please contact us

Information on delegations earlier than 2017 will be posted in our Archives section.

Members of the community and delegates from Gonohe celebrate the inauguration of a memorial marker dedicated to the sisterhood of Bayombong and Gonohe.

February 2018 delegates from Gonohe arrived in Ninoy Aquino International Airport to visit Bayombong. Members of the delegation included Mayor Miura Masana (now current president of the Gonohe International Excahnge Association), Mr. Kanazawa Kokichi, and Mr. Yonenuma Eiichi (now current vice president of the Gonohe International Exchange).

The Japanese delegates were picked up from the airport by Bayombong members headed by BSA president and municipal councillor Prescilla Marcos. Arriving in Nueva Vizcaya, the Bayombong and Gonohe members visited the Dalton Pass shrine to pay respects to the victims of World War II.

Delegation exchange activities in Bayombong included a signing of a memorandum of agreement between the two towns; the unveiling and dedication of a memorial in Bayombong's town square; and a visit to some of the towns administrative offices and academic institutions.

The Gonohe delegates were then sent off with a despedida (farewell) party hosted by the Bayombong Sisterhood Association and the municipality of Bayombong, headed by Mayor Ralph Lantion.

Photos of the 2018 delegation and copies of the official proclamation in English and Japanese are now available in our Archives.

2017 Delegation and Hanami celebrations

April 2017

Between March and May, the world famous Sakura or cherry blossoms season spreads throughout Japan moving from south to north. Gonohe, located in the northeastern region of Tohoku sees the blossom typically a month later than the capital Tokyo. In 2017, delegates from Bayombong, headed by Mayor Ralph Lantion and Bayombong Sisterhood Association president Prescilla Marcos.

The Bayombong delegation arrived at Haneda airport and were then picked up by representatives of the municpality of Gonohe. Activities in the visit included: participating in the annual Hanami or flower viewing party held beside the Gonohe municipal library; attending a strawberry farm tour in Hachinohe; and a welcome function hosted by the Gonohe International Exchange Association and the municipality of Gonohe.


From left to right: Bayombong delegates attend a welcome party hosted by the municipality of Gonohe, Gonohe officials sing a song to their Bayombong counterparts, Gonohe townsfolk in traditional kimono garb perform a dance in the annual Hanami festivities in Gonohe.

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