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September 5, 1994


Newspaper clipping from Gonohe's local newspaper dated September 5, 1994


Translated from a local Gonohe newspaper issued on September 5, 1994 documenting delegation visit.


The ladies who are visiting Gonohe from its sister town in the Philippines, Bayombong, displayed their skills in cooking Filipino cuisine at their first food fair.

On the 31st of August, eight people including the mayor (of Bayombong), were invited to Gonohe to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the towns' friendship. Since they are going back (to the Philippines) on the 6th of September, the Gonohe townspeople decided to host a food fair at the community centre.

Adobo, Pinakbet, Nata de Coco and four other dishes were provided. The Filipino ladies taught their Japanese counterparts how to cook the dishes and both groups prepared for the fair together.

Many people came, and all the dishes were favourable. They were seasoned lighter (than they, the Japanese guests, had thought) and suited the Japanese people's palette.

At the same time, a product fair was being held at the lobby. There were colourful shirts, table cloths, bags, dried mangoes, and so on. Both of the fairs were successful.

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